A Music Teacher Learns to Play Guitar

What kind of music teacher can’t play guitar? This one. Until now!

I’ve been playing piano since I was seven and currently teach choir at Balfour Collegiate. My best days are those filled with listening to great music and singing with enthusiastic students! It makes me truly happy. Learning to play guitar will give me more ways to make music with students and maybe I’ll even be able to play a few popular campfire songs this summer.

It’s tough to be patient in this learning process. I have never really thought about the number of hours that I spent learning how to play piano. I take for granted that it is something I can sit down and enjoy doing. It’s been a long time since I’ve challenged myself to do something that I struggle with. And based on the numbness in my fingers, I am struggling to make those chords sound good! I have a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Regina, so I have a background in music theory and history, but guitar technique is all new to me.

I’ve learned how to tune my guitar using both a tuner and the fifth fret method and how to play an E major chord. I’m using GarageBand to learn the basic chords and strumming patterns.

To watch me in action, follow the link below.

By next week I hope to learn how to play G major and C major chords. Wish me luck!


Why blog?

Why should I blog? I feel like I’m addressing a void. And what does “blog” mean anyway?

As a late-bloomer in the world of technology and social media, I have some anxiety about sharing myself with the world. It’s not surprising that I have these reservations; I didn’t even have access to the internet at home until I was 16, and by then my friends were all dealing with more Myspace drama than I ever wanted to encounter. I am a private person by nature, and I only share with people I trust, so I shy away from commenting on Facebook posts, posting pictures on Instagram, and Tweeting. Also, I’m scared of these things called “trolls“…

Maybe I should blog even if no one reads my tangential thoughts because it forces me to reflect on what I think I know and what I do not know. I should probably blog because it gives me time to work through my discomforts with technology. I should definitely blog to learn from other educators. I know that I should blog and share my voice on social media to connect with like-minded people, learn, and promote social justice.

So I suppose that I will give it a go. Trolls or no! Let the adventures begin.

(By the way, The word blog is a conflation of two words: Web and log.)