Why blog?

Why should I blog? I feel like I’m addressing a void. And what does “blog” mean anyway?

As a late-bloomer in the world of technology and social media, I have some anxiety about sharing myself with the world. It’s not surprising that I have these reservations; I didn’t even have access to the internet at home until I was 16, and by then my friends were all dealing with more Myspace drama than I ever wanted to encounter. I am a private person by nature, and I only share with people I trust, so I shy away from commenting on Facebook posts, posting pictures on Instagram, and Tweeting. Also, I’m scared of these things called “trolls“…

Maybe I should blog even if no one reads my tangential thoughts because it forces me to reflect on what I think I know and what I do not know. I should probably blog because it gives me time to work through my discomforts with technology. I should definitely blog to learn from other educators. I know that I should blog and share my voice on social media to connect with like-minded people, learn, and promote social justice.

So I suppose that I will give it a go. Trolls or no! Let the adventures begin.

(By the way, The word blog is a conflation of two words: Web and log.)


3 thoughts on “Why blog?

  1. I’m glad you asked what the word blog actually means. I had never thought of that before, but I’m glad you shared the meaning. I can count that as my “learned something new today” haha.


  2. Some blog, and some (even braver) people vlog! Another term to add to our expanding vocabulary in EC&I 831. Great post! I can definitely relate to the ‘discomforts with technology’.


  3. I have some of the same reservations as you, especially since I am private and don’t always like sharing my family openly, but yet I do it on Facebook daily. I have a false sense of security there because I can mark things private, but I know that doesn’t mean they really are…


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