A Music Teacher Learns to Play Guitar… Slowly.

Learning how to do something well takes concentrated effort and careful practice. Week two has now passed, and I can play something that resembles an E major chord and an A major chord. Contrary to my plan, I haven’t mastered switching from a G major chord to a C major chord, and find it difficult to play a C major chord well on its own. (You might want to plug your ears for this week, folks.)

I’ve also signed up for a free Guitar Tricks account, which gives me access to a series of beginner lessons. The website asked me a series of questions about my musical background, commitment to learning, and previous guitar experience and has designed a path of lessons based on my responses! All of the lessons are linked to songs, so I feel more like I’m really playing guitar. Motivating! So, in addition to GarageBand, which I discussed in my post last week, I’m using this site. I also like using chordbook.com when I only have a few minutes to sit down and review chords. It’s really user friendly.

I am following @GuitarMag, @guitarcenter, @guitar_mag, @GuitarPlayerNow, and @The_Guitar_List on Twitter, but I don’t often see new Tweets from them. If you follow someone who posts interesting information either about learning to play guitar or famous guitarists, please let me know!


3 thoughts on “A Music Teacher Learns to Play Guitar… Slowly.

  1. Good work! Do your fingers hurt yet? I have tried learning the ukulele in the past and have just about thrown it through the wall. I can’t seem to get the strumming part right when learning a song.


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