And They All Lived Happily Ever After.

Just like any good romantic comedy, the story of my relationship with technology has been tumultuous. From beginning with mild disdain, to developing into a crush and ultimately falling in love, it’s been an exciting and rewarding journey.

Check out this video for the whole story.


8 thoughts on “And They All Lived Happily Ever After.

  1. Hi Sarah, I like the your story, because I have the same situation. I am not good at technology. Therefore, before the course started, I had a lot of concern. I was not sure if I could handle it. Although I have many problems in my EC&I 831 study, with the help of Alec and katia, I am better now, I am improving everyday. And I start to enjoy this course and the process of learning something new for myself.


  2. What a cute ‘trailer’ at the start of your summary! I loved it! How did you make all of this? It’s really incredible, and you summarized everything we learned incredibly well. I, too, was skeptical and, as you mention, I have grown with this class and now feel more educated about all things social media. Thanks for sharing your creative summary!


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